Congratulations to our February Library Puzzler Winners!

Congratulations to our February Library Puzzler Winners!

In case you are wondering here are the answers to the Puzzler Questions:

  • Question 1: A URL is the unique string of letters or numbers that identifies a source on the internet? (TRUE)
  • Question 2: Which of the following domain codes represents a non-profit organization? (.org)
  • Question 3: A “Whois” Search can provide valuable information about a website. Using this website: , what information is provided about the website? (Primary contact name, Country of origin, Contact information, Location of organization)
  • Question 4: Where can you find back issues of magazines, newspapers, and academic articles? (The Marvel databases)
  • Question 5: You’ve been asked to find reliable information on population statistics for the State of Maine, which online resource should you use? (U.S. Census website)

Stay tuned for our March Library Puzzler!


Maine Student Book Awards Voting is now Open!

ImageThe 2013 Maine Student Book Award voting is now open. Be sure to visit the SDMS/HS library page for more information and a list of titles that are available in our collection.

Student voting must be done through your teacher or librarian and ends April 1, 2013!

Don’t miss your chance to vote for your favorite book.

The Library Puzzler is Back!

Greetings Students,

The Library Puzzler is Back! We’ve redesigned the weekly puzzler into a monthly trivia quiz that will be available for 1 week. There will be more questions, but less waiting for the prize drawing.

So, visit the library’s homepage to answer this month’s trivia question to be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes. Prizes this month include an 8GB flash drive, a one-size-fits all stretchy book cover, and an elegant Gemline Pen and Pencil Set.

The Drawing is Wednesday, January 23, 2013 – don’t wait until it is too late.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mr. Richards

Happy New Year! and some Mobile Device Fun

Welcome 2013!

Fun Fact to Know and Tell:

Did you know that the Month of January was named for the Roman god Janus? In fact, many of the months are named after Roman gods and Ceasars. For more information on this, see the Infoplease almanac at:

Library Catalog Tip:

You may have notice last month that funny looking little black squares began appearing next to your search results in our catalog. QR CodeThese funny little boxes are called QR codes (Quick Response) code and are 2 dimensional barcode.  These barcodes carry specific information that can be decoded by QR code reader app for personal mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.). If your device doesn’t have a QR code scanner there are many free app’s available, and many useful reviews to help you decide which app is best.

The QR codes in our library catalog next to individual books will give users the necessary information to find the books on our shelves. So if you received a new tablet, smartphone or iPod/mp3 player with a camera, go ahead and try out this feature and let us know what you think.

EBSCOhost Mobile

Did you know, that many of MARVEL’s EBSCO databases are mobile device compatible? If you haven’t tried these databases on a tablet yet, be sure to visit:

Remember, if you are using a non-school internet connection to access MARVEL you may need to register and login to access these databases.

Stay Tuned Next Week: New Library Puzzler and a look at Creative Commons

Book Fair Follow-up

Thank you to all who supported our December Book Fair. We had a very successful fair with $1267.80 in sales. The library in turn received $650.12 in Scholastic Dollar Rewards and was able to add 40 new books from the fair to the library collection. Be sure to check out the new books by visiting our new items page.

I would also appreciate any feedback from students, staff or parents who came to the book fair and would ask that if you have time to complete this brief survey.


Mr. Richards

Weekly Library Puzzler – Puzzler #4

Congratulations, if you are reading this, this is the final puzzler before our first prize drawing. If this is your first puzzler, you must participate in the first 3 puzzlers to be entered into the prize drawing.

This week’s puzzler is an easy one, and is the same for both the High School and the Middle School.

Puzzler Question:

This week, we would like to hear about your favorite library resource. Please give us the name of the resource and why you like it. Remember, to qualify, it MUST be a library resource – Wikipedia & Google do not count.

Use this form to submit your answer.
The Prize drawing will be Monday the 19th, so remember to complete the other puzzlers by Friday.

Puzzler #1



Prizes are:

High School: 8GB Flashdrive

Middle School: $10.00 gift certificate to our December Book Fair