Library Puzzler #1

Greetings, and Welcome to the Library’s New Weekly Puzzler. Every 4 weeks we will have a Middle School and High School Prize Drawing for those students who have successfully participated in this cycle of 4 puzzlers. Without further ado, here is this week’s library puzzler.

MS Puzzler – For Middle School Students Only

Book Title Wordle -Can you figure out the exact title to this book?

If you think you know the title of this book, please enter your answer using this form.

HS Puzzler – For High School Students Only

Maine News – New News, Old News, Current News

As students in Maine, you have full-text access to back issues of 6 Maine newspapers through Maine’s Virtual Library. What is the name of this database, and the names to the 6 newspapers and the years of full-text coverage.

If you think you have the answer to this puzzler enter it on this form.


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