Weekly Library Puzzler – Puzzler #2

This week we will be thinking about the Nuts and Bolts of using content that you find online. But before we present this week’s puzzler, remember to submit your answer to last week’s puzzler  – remember, you must participate in all 4 puzzlers to be eligible to be entered into the prize drawing.

Take a look at the lighthouse image found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nelights/4949315105/

High School Puzzler

Many times, your assignments will require you to find and use an image found online. Using the link to the above picture of Fort Point Lighthouse, choose the correct citation example using the MLA format.

Submit your answer using this form for the High School.

Middle School Puzzler

Often, students rely on Google images and Flickr for finding pictures to use in their own work. Search engines will give any image they find that is tagged with your search terms. Click on the link above and take a look at the lighthouse picture. Check the page for information that indicates it’s copyright status. Is this picture copyright protected, or is it copyright free and available for public use.

Enter your answer using the Middle School Form.


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