Weekly Library Puzzler – Puzzler #4

Congratulations, if you are reading this, this is the final puzzler before our first prize drawing. If this is your first puzzler, you must participate in the first 3 puzzlers to be entered into the prize drawing.

This week’s puzzler is an easy one, and is the same for both the High School and the Middle School.

Puzzler Question:

This week, we would like to hear about your favorite library resource. Please give us the name of the resource and why you like it. Remember, to qualify, it MUST be a library resource – Wikipedia & Google do not count.

Use this form to submit your answer.
The Prize drawing will be Monday the 19th, so remember to complete the other puzzlers by Friday.

Puzzler #1



Prizes are:

High School: 8GB Flashdrive

Middle School: $10.00 gift certificate to our December Book Fair


Weekly Library Puzzler – Puzzler #3

Almanacs and Information:

In the not too distant past before the days of Google and Bing, people would use a resource called an Almanac to find quick answers to many of their fact and statistical based questions. Almanacs provide a variety of information from sports scores to election results.

High School & Middle School Puzzler (Combined this week)

Being an election week this weeks puzzler will focus on Presidential elections. We will use a free online almanac from Pearson Education publishing (Pearson is a large publisher of education textbooks and materials).

The Infoplease almanac provides an easy to use format for finding the answers to your questions.
Using this chart in the Infoplease almanac find and enter the five candidates who ran in the 1948 presidential election and determine the winner based on the given election results.

Enter your answers using this answer form.

Don’t forget, the prize drawing will be November 19th. You need to participate in all 4 puzzlers to be eligible for the prize drawing.