Congratulations to our February Library Puzzler Winners!

Congratulations to our February Library Puzzler Winners!

In case you are wondering here are the answers to the Puzzler Questions:

  • Question 1: A URL is the unique string of letters or numbers that identifies a source on the internet? (TRUE)
  • Question 2: Which of the following domain codes represents a non-profit organization? (.org)
  • Question 3: A “Whois” Search can provide valuable information about a website. Using this website: , what information is provided about the website? (Primary contact name, Country of origin, Contact information, Location of organization)
  • Question 4: Where can you find back issues of magazines, newspapers, and academic articles? (The Marvel databases)
  • Question 5: You’ve been asked to find reliable information on population statistics for the State of Maine, which online resource should you use? (U.S. Census website)

Stay tuned for our March Library Puzzler!