Trails at SDMS/HS

Q. What is Trails?

A. Trails is an online skills assessment that we use to gauge how well students understand information seeking concepts and methods.

For more information on Trails please visit:

Q. What skills does Trails assess?

A. The following are the categories of skills measured by Trails:

  1. Develop a Topic
  2. Identify Potential Sources
  3. Develop Use and Revise Search Strategies
  4. Evaluate Sources of Information
  5. Recognize How To Use Information Responsibly, Ethically, and Legally

Q. I would like to give my class the Trails assessment, what do I need to do?

A. If you contact the library staff, they are happy in arranging a Trails session for your class.

Additional ideas for using Trails can be found here:

Q. What happens after the Trails assessment?

A. After administering the Trails assessment, the library staff will compile the information and meet with the grade level team to go over the results.

Ideas for Class Activities After the Test:

  • Conduct an Online Review with the class
  • Incorporate targeted skills into existing assignments
  • Create new assignments around targeted skills
  • Collaborate with library staff to review skill sets with students

Useful Resources: 

AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner:

Transitioning to College:

Common Core:


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